Marty Cullen was elected as the Herts’ AA manager for the season 2009 in a contest that completed the full house of managers for the upcoming season.


The appointment of Cullen is thought to be a radical measure by the club, as it is hoped that his experience in AAA will bring about some tactical improvements, while his experience with the Little League will allow Cullen to bring through players of all ages and ability.


In retrospect, the appointment of managers for the upcoming season was the penultimate step before Spring Training is turned on full blast from January 11 onwards.  All four teams now have their managers, who will be able to cast a discerning eye on the potential of players during the combined spring sessions of all Herts players.


It is to be hoped that there will be no fisticuffs between managers about selecting specific players, and if there are, your reporter would like to be called in to watch.


Congratulations to Marty Cullen and the best of luck to the managers of all Herts Baseball Teams.

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