Ahead of the 2010 Herts Baseball Awards presentation for the club’s adult teams, players, coaches, family members and friends of the club took part in the club’s first Bowling Tournament at the Hotshots Bowling centre in Hemel Hempstead.  The participants were divided into two teams – the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers – in a repeat of this year’s World Series. They were competing for individual and team honours over two games, with the individual and team averages over the two games used to determine the winners.


In the individual contest Tim Elkins had the advantage after the first round with a score of 152, followed by Jim Arnott (136), Rod Naghar (129) and Will Belbin (125). Surprisingly, the top four players from the first round were all pushed out of the medal positions after a wild dash in the final frames of the second round.


The final standings could not have been any closer as only one point separated third from second and second from first. The bronze medal was claimed by Herts Raptors Manager, Ken Pike, with an overall average of 134.  Third baseman, Bobby Gould (135), took the silver medal, and the winner with an average of 136 was Raptors Pitcher, Bryan Drummond. The top three players were all members of the 2010 Raptors, which would suggest that the Raptors mean business as the gear up for the 2011 baseball season.


In the team competition the Giants had a healthy lead after the first round.  Their team average was 94 compared to the Rangers’ 90.  In the second round the Rangers stunned the Giants with a team average of 97, but that wasn’t quite enough to win the team title.  The final team averages over the two rounds were Giants (94.41), Rangers (93.88).


More images from the Bowling Tournament


Tim Elkins B 152 102       127.0
Simon Elkington C 99 102       100.5
Rebecca Neil C 67 69          68.0
Ilya Dimitrov E 89 90          89.5
Geoff Hare B 101 118       109.5
Rob Crouch DL      
Rodney Naghar B 129 135       132.0
Jon Gamble C 91 74          82.5
Valerie C 61 92          76.5
Ken Pike E 124 144       134.0
Jim Arnott E 136 123       129.5
Paul Auchterlounie B 72 86          79.0
Lewis Auchterlounie B 16 22          19.0
Nick Russell C 104 113       108.5
Sarah Russell C 106 109       107.5
Liam Green F 93 76          84.5
Lewis Green F 64 62          63.0
Andy Cornish DL      
TEAM AVERAGE       94.00       94.81       94.41

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