The 2010 season was officially put to bed with the announcement of the 2010 award winners of Herts Baseball Club’s adult programme.  The achievements of the Raptors, Hawks, Eagles and Falcons over the past 12 months were recognised at the club’s annual end of season event.  This year the presentation took place at Leisure World in Hemel Hempstead.


Kimiyoshi Saionji was voted as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the Herts Falcons and he also picked up the Most RBI (16) and Home Run (2) trophies.  In fact two home run trophies were presented as Petar Kikel also accumulated two home runs.  Power-hitter Alex Ganster played only in the last few games of the NBL season so he was at a disadvantage but he would be expected to challenge Kikel and Saionji next season.  Ganster was not left empty-handed as he deservedly received the Batting Champion title with a batting average of .467.


For the Herts Eagles there were many shining stars in what was a very successful year for the team but the list of award winners was dominated by three players in particular.  In his first year with the club, Sri Lanka National Team player, Mahendra Prasad, won three of the award categories – Outfield Gold Glove, Most Stolen Bases and the Home Run title.  Louis Hare received the Infield Gold Glove and the Best Pitcher award.  For a third consecutive year Darrin Ward was voted as the MVP.  He also received the batting title and Most RBI.  Paul Auchterlounie’s contribution to the team’s success was also recognised as he received the Coach’s Award.


Six of the eight Hawks awards went to two of the team’s most exceptional players.  The rise and rise of young prospect Hunter Devine within the organisation continues and he was awarded the Herts Batting title, Infield Gold Glove and Most Stolen Bases. Manager Greg Bochan led by example all year long and his team mates voted him as the 2010 Hawks MVP.  He also received the Best Pitcher and Most RBI awards.


Jim Arnott was undoubtedly the outstanding player for the Raptors in 2010 so it was no surprise that he was voted as the team’s MVP.  He also received the Best Pitcher, Most RBI and Rookie of the Year awards, the latter being a club-wide prize which recognizes Arnott as the best newcomer from the large group of first-year players in the Herts four adult teams. Third baseman Bobby Gould picked up the Batting title and the Stolen Bases award.  Bryan Drummond had a tremendous year as one of the team’s key pitchers and his contribution in the outfield was also recognised with the reward of the Outfield Gold Glove.  2010 may have been Simon Elkington’s rookie year but he impressed everyone and spent the latter part of the season with the club’s AA team.  His fantastic performances were rewarded with the Raptors Infield Gold Glove. Manager Ken Pike recognised the incredible contribution of catcher Will Belbin on and off the field presenting him with the Coach’s award.


Andy Cornish received the Excellence in Leadership award reflecting the club’s appreciation for his dedication and contribution in every department of the club. Most Improved Player trophy went to Ilya Dimitrov, to add to his Hawks Outfield Gold Glove.  With a substantial majority of votes from club members the Play of the Year Award went to Liam Green for gunning down back-to-back Thames Valley runners at home plate in the same inning on balls hit to the outfield.  Marty Cullen was voted as the Nob-Out Award winner for his bunting master class in front of the TV cameras.  Fans of Herts Baseball Club can see this on digital channel Blighty where the programme will be shown early in 2011.


During the 2010 season members and friends of the club were involved in the Fantasy Baseball League competition with glittering prizes for the winners.  As winners of the American and National leagues, Jason Greenberg and Andy Cornish will receive baseballs signed by Cleveland Indians star, Grady Sizemore and New York Mets gold glove winner, Carlos Beltran.  Overall winner, Jason Greenberg picks up the grand prize of the Porsche Driving Experience, and it is understood that he is planning to donate it to the GB National Team programme if Porsche agree to transfer it. Both Jason Greenberg and Marty Cullen were key to securing the prizes for the winners and organising this fun competition which raised significant amount of money which will be invested in facilities and equipment at the club’s Grovehill Ballpark.


More images from the 2010 Herts Baseball Awards





MVP, Kimiyoshi Saionji

Batting Champion, Alex Ganster (.467)

Infield Gold Glove, Luis Goncalves

Outfield Gold Glove, Jamie Munn

Best Pitcher, Petar Kikel (4 W)

Most Stolen Bases, Jamie Munn (12)

Home Run Champion, Petar Kikel (2)

Home Run Champion, Kimiyoshi Saionji (2)

Most RBIs, Kimiyoshi Saionji (16)

Coach’s Award, Brandon Deal



MVP, Darrin Ward

Batting Champion, Darrin Ward

Infield Gold Glove, Louis Hare

Outfield Gold Glove, Mahendra Prasad

Best Pitcher, Louis Hare

Most Stolen Bases, Mahendra Prasad

Home Run Champion, Mahendra Prasad

Most RBIs, Darrin Ward

Coach’s Award, Paul Auchterlounie



MVP, Greg Bochan

Batting Champion, Hunter Devine

Infield Gold Glove, Hunter Devine

Outfield Gold Glove, Ilya Dimitrov

Best Pitcher, Greg Bochan

Most Stolen Bases, Hunter Devine

Most RBIs, Greg Bochan

Coach’s Award, Kal Dimitrov



MVP, Jim Arnott

Batting Champion, Bobby Gould

Infield Gold Glove, Simon Elkington

Outfield Gold Glove, Bryan Drummond

Best Pitcher, Jim Arnott

Most Stolen Bases, Bobby Gould

Most RBIs, Jim Arnott

Coach’s Award, Will Belbin



Rookie of the Year, Jim Arnott

Most Improved Player, Ilya Dimitrov

Excellence in Leadership, Andrew Cornish

Play of the Year, Liam Green



National League Champion, Jason Greenberg (Carlos Beltran signed baseball)

American League Champion, Andy Cornish (Grady Sizemore signed baseball)

World Series Winner, Jason Greenberg (Porsche Driving Experience)

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