The 2010 season ended many months ago but the busy baseball schedule at the end of last year did not leave time in the calendar for the club’s annual Little League awards event, until today.  


The players and families of the Herts youth baseball teams started the day with a Family Bowling Tournament with 56 players taking part and there were many more who wanted to take part but were either out of the country or had prior half-term arrangements. 


Attention then turned to the all-important 2010 Herts Little League awards.  All 2010 players as well as players who will be joining in 2011 received a commemorative medal.  This was followed by the presentation of the awards in the various categories including Infield and Outfield Gold Glove, Batting Champion, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young Award, and the most sought after award for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the year which is voted on by the players. 




This event was also the first opportunity to see the National Championship Trophy in the Under-14 age group which the Herts All-Stars brought back to Hertfordshire last October after their unforgettable 2-1 win against their deadly rivals, the London Mets. 


The members of the team were also presented with their 2010 British Champions’ medals which they did not have a chance to get their hands on until today.  Members of Herts Baseball Club also had an opportunity to show their appreciation for Marty Cullen who sadly will be leaving Herts to focus on the Great Britain National Team programme which he is heavily involved in.  Marty Cullen, together with Lee Manning, were the two club members who started the Herts youth programme in 2007.  Marty Cullen will be missed but hopefully he and his national team colleagues will have many reasons to come to Herts to see and evaluate the many talented Herts youth players, especially now that so many of the club’s players have moved into the Under-17 age group and will be competing in the Pony Leagues. 


Click here for more images form the event. 

MVP Kieran Manning
Batting Champion Kyle Lloyd-Jones 
Infield Gold Glove Jonathan Compton-Weight
Outfield Gold Glove Drew Mayhew
Rookie of the Year Joshua Jones
Cy Young Award Carlos Casal Jr
MVP Marty Cullen Jr
Batting Champion Aaron Witter
Infield Gold Glove Jose Morillo
Outfield Gold Glove Cameron Ross
Rookie of the Year Richard Ganster
Cy Young Award Marty Cullen Jr
MVP Zack Longboy
Batting Champion Jake Caress
Infield Gold Glove Charlie Owens
Outfield Gold Glove Yuki Ariga
Rookie of the Year Ben Day
Cy Young Award Zack Longboy
MVP Nickolas Martinez
Batting Champion Alexander Deacon
Infield Gold Glove George Owens
Outfield Gold Glove McKenna Martinez
Rookie of the Year Christian Lynch
Cy Young Award Lewis Green

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