MLB Postseason gives Herts players and coaches the edge for 2012

The Herts youth and adult teams may have played their last games of the 2011 season but they are already looking for ways to gain a competitive edge in 2012 thanks to the analysis and tips form the biggest baseball experts in baseball. 

Here is the latest round of expert analysis from the 2011 MLB postseason.

Harold Reynolds, Mike Lowell and Orlando Hudson look at the swings of Miguel Cabrera and Michael Young


MLB Network’s Diamond Demo takes a look at some key stolen bases during the LCS

Harold Reynolds and Bill Ripken compare the throwing motions of the Rangers Nelson Cruz and the Giants Tim Lincecum

Bill Ripken and Mitch Williams talk about the different schools of thought on defensive positioning on the infield

Dan Plesac breaks down the adjustments Chris Carpenter has made in his delivery since making his Major League debut in 1997

Harold Reynolds and Joel Hanrahan talk about the best way to pitch to the Cardinals and Brewers best hitters

Mitch Williams and Larry Bowa demonstrate how pitchers keep runners from advancing on the basepaths

Bill Ripken breaks down the two-handed follow through in Major League Baseball

Albert Pujols’ heads-up defensive play against the Phillies in Game 4 of the NLDS

The finer points of running the bases and fielding position

Rangers’ successful pitchout in Game 3 of their ALDS vs. the Rays

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