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There are just a few days left for baseball fans in Hertfordshire and around the UK to vote in the 2011 British Baseball Photography Competition. Ten photos are in the running, and there is a strong showing from the Herts club in both locations and photographers.

The National Baseball Championships have been played here at Hemel Hempstead, the nights are drawing in and most players have swapped their cleats and pants for a comfy armchair for the off-season. Across the Atlantic, the World Series is reaching a climax. But here in the UK the big contest yet to be decided is the 2011 British Baseball Photography Competition.

Nominated photo number 1
Leicester and Essex in HSL action, as captured by Rob Jones

A panel of judges convened in September to whittle down the 145 entries which had been received, and to decide the 10 finalists. Now it’s time for the judging panel to turn over the shortlisted entries to the British baseball community, so that members can cast their vote on which image they think is the pick of the bunch.

There are two photos by our own Rob Jones, one from the Herts Spring League and one from the National Championships which took place at Grovehill in September.

The final photos cover the entire season, from the pre-season HSL to the celebrations of the Southern Nationals after they clinched the National Baseball League title at Grovehill. There are also photos from Southampton, from Liverpool, and from the Croydon Tournament. There are fans, celebrations and dramatic plays on the diamond.

During the last few days of October, you will be able to have your say on which photo you think deserves to win via an online ballot. To cast your vote, simply browse through the 10 shortlisted entries in the specially created gallery, and then once you have decided on your choice, open up the voting window by clicking on the link in the gallery footer.

The contest has been run by the excellent Project Cobb with the backing of the sport’s governing body, BSUK. Last year’s contest was won by Emma Morgan with a great action shot, and this year’s entries have sparked a tremendous response. More than 200 votes have been cast already.

The ballot will close at 11.59 pm on 31 October, and each individual is limited to one vote.

A version of this article first appeared on the website of the British Baseball Federation.

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