Moneyball has arrived

Moneyball was released in the US in September and has been a big box office hit.  The cast includes Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright, among others, with screenplay by Aaron Sorkin who created The West Wing and The Social Network.  The movie is released in the United Kingdom today, 25 November.  

Members of Herts Baseball Club are already feeling the pain from lack of baseball during the winter period and there is no better remedy for this than going to see a baseball movie. In the opinion of most movie critics “If you like baseball or Sorkin or Brad Pitt films then you will enjoy Moneyball”.  

Herts Baseball Club has taken advantage of this fantastic opportunity by making plans for club members, family and friends to invade the local movie theatre.

As members and friends of Herts Baseball Club prepare for the UK premier of Moneyball, the British media has broadcasted various TV and radio programmes on Moneyball the movie, the book and the phenomenal effect which Billy Beane and his colleagues have had on sports. 

Here is a link to a special 90-minute BBC radio programme on the influence of Moneyball on baseball and other sports.  It features interviews with Billy Beane himself, Moneyball author, Michael Lewis, Oakland A’s first baseman, Scott Hatteberg, performance analysts from the best sports organisations in the world, as well as Brad Pitt who was the driving force behind the project to make the movie after reading the book. The programme is hosted by Colin Murray, a long-suffering Toronto Blue Jays fan. (Click here to go to BBC iPlayer). The programme is available only until 10:30pm on Thursday, 1 December 2011.

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