In search of the 1969 Champions – Watford Sun Rockets

In yesterday’s fantastic article Joe Gray gave us a historical context of the upcoming National Baseball Championships and specifically with regard to the top-tier level that is the National Baseball League (click to view full article).

As the article mentioned, if the Falcons manage to win the NBL Championship, it would be only the second time that Hertfordshire would boast a national champion team. The first was back in 1969, when the Watford Sun-Rockets upset the Liverpool Trojans in an 11-inning final played at Harvey Haddon Stadium in Nottingham.

Herts Baseball Club is now in a mad rush to try to find members or descendants of the Watford Sun-Rockets from the 1969 season and it is asking all its supporters or any British baseball fans to help them in this search.

If you know anyone who may be connected with the Watford Sun-Rockets or anyone who may have any leads which may help this effort please contact Herts Baseball Club.

Project COBB’s Joe Gray has published an article about the 1969 Watford vs Liverpool final and this may help us get the search started. Click this link to open a separate PDF file (1969 National Final details are on page 2)


The article also listed several players who are going into this weekend’s NBCs looking to make ther mark in British baseball history. herts Falcons’ Michael Osborn is one of them. If the Falcons emerge victorious from the weekend then Michael Osborn (formerly of the London Warriors and Richmond Flames) would become only the 12th player in British baseball history with at least four national titles. This would certainly be great reward for his dedicated career, which spans back to the late 1990s.

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