Q&A: Andrew Fulford – Herts Hawks #8

As we count down to the 2012 National Baseball Championships we are running a series of question and answer sessions with members of the Herts Falcons and Herts Hawks teams who will be going for silverware this Bank Holiday weekend.

1. Name: Andrew Fulford

2. Nationality (if dual nationality enter both): American

3. Age: 21

4. Position(s): Catcher/2B/3B/OF

5. Height: 5′ 7″

6. Weight: 165 lbs

7. Bats (right/left/switch): Right

8. Throws (right/left): Right

9. Previous appearances in the NBCs (year and which team and league i.e. NBL, AAA, AA etc.): None

10. What is your preferred song to go up to bat with: Anything by my buddy Benjamin Dunn (You can get his new album here: http://tiny.cc/uptdjw )

11. Favourite baseball movie: Hard Ball

12. Favourite MLB team: Tampa Bay Rays

13. Favourite MLB player: Recently, Mike Trout

14. For or against the Designated Hitter rule: Ehh, it’s been apart of baseball since I’ve been born. But personally I think Baseball should require all players to be excellent in all aspects of the game. I’m neutral.

15. Should Barry Bonds’ home run record have an asterisk next to it: No opinion BUT.. I don’t care how many times you’ve put steroids in your ass, Baseball is a mental and mechanical game. I don’t agree with the use of steroids or cheating. But Barry should receive the honor he deserves as one of Baseballs greatest sluggers.

16. What was the largest audience you have performed to (sports or other), when and what event: Some Baseball game somewhere one day.

17. Who is the most undervalued player in the team: This is probably one of the most honorable teams I’ve played on. I hope that no one feels undervalued, because every player is a HUGE part of our success and more importantly our joy.

18. Who is the prankster in the team: Jon is hilarious, with his British humor also known as Sarcasm. My favorite.

19. What is your pre-game routine during the 24 hours before first pitch, any superstitions, etc.: Hang out with my wife.

20. Your favourite pre-game meal: I’m a nutritious Vegan, so I eat plants all day everyday! #plantstrong

21. Predictions for this weekend’s Championship: Herts Hawks opponents will have a lot of failed stolen base attempts.

22. Key to our success this weekend in 3 words: Steroided Mental Strength


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