The Champions are coming to town this Sunday

The highest attendance at Grovehill Ballpark in Hemel Hempstead during the 2012 regular season was at the NBL game between the Harlow Nationals and the Herts Falcons. At the time the Nationals were leading the league with 10-3 record and the Falcons were second, standing half a game back (9-3). The two teams went on to meet in the 2012 national final where the Nationals took the title in game 6.
This season the balance of power has shifted slightly. The Falcons and the Mustangs are tied in first place with the London Mets one game back but with games in hand. The Nationals find themselves in fourth place 5 games behind the leading pack with a 9-9 record so far. Some would suggest that the Nationals may not be able to retain the title, but just like Major League Baseball the key in the regular season is to get to the postseason. It does not matter whether you do it convincingly or whether or squeeze into it on the last day of the regular season. The Nats are in a pack of 4 teams divided by 1 game and only 3 of them are likely to go through to the postseason. The South London Pirates may even mount a challenge to get into this group. This makes Sunday’s game a must-win for Harlow.
At the same time the Herts Falcons know that all of the hard work they put in to win the last 8 games may go to waste if they make one wrong step and slip up against the Nationals in Hemel Hempstead this Sunday, June 30. A loss could see the Falcons drop down from first to third place which would mean that they will have to go through a 1-game playoff decider to book a place to the National Baseball Championships in September.
This is a good opportunity to look at the Herts Falcons stats with 12 games remaining in the regular season.






Ryan Bird (.550)

Ryan Bird (.900)

Cristobal Hiche (2)

Cristobal Hiche (15)

Jordan Farkas (.458)

Cristobal Hiche (.674)

Ryan Bird (1)

Jordan Farkas (10)

Robbie Unsell (.400)

Robbie Unsell (.533)

Ryan Bird (9)





Robbie Unsell (0.70)

Robbie Unsell (32)

Michael Osborn (3)

Michael Osborn (1.40)

Michael Osborn (18)

Jordan Farkas (3)

Darrin Ward (3.50)

Jordan Farkas (15)

Robbie Unsell (2)

Darrin Ward (2)



Robbie Unsell (19)

Ctistobal Hiche (10)

John Blose (8)

The doubleheader starts at 12:00pm at Grovehill Ballpark, Hemel Hempstead (click for venue details). The second game is expected to start at 2:30pm and end at around 4:30pm.
The Herts Raptors are also in action at the same time as they clash with their rival for a playoff spot, the Essex Archers. The game starts at 12pm on the Old Diamond at Grovehill Ballpark.