Surely it’s too late for the 2012 awards

Joseph Osborne-Brade (right) received 3 awards in an outstanding season with the Herts Eagles

The 2012 schedule of events was so hectic and was followed by an equally busy 2013 Spring Training timetable, which left very few dates for the club to fit the 2012 Awards Event. As a result the club’s adult and youth teams have been presenting the 2012 awards at separate events over the last few months.

The full list of award recipients is shown below with the exception of the Herts Falcons who are planning to announce their awards separately.

For the Herts Hawks Louis Hare picked up 4 of the trophies including Most Valuable Player (MVP). Gilberto Medina collected three of the awards in the batting category for the Herts Raptors, while Zack Longboy was voted MVP and also collected the Best Pitcher award. Herts Eagles’ Joseph Osborne-Brade received three trophies including the Outfield Gold Glove and Most Stolen Bases. Theo Scheepers was the MVP, Best Pitcher and Infield Gold Glove for the Eagles in a very successful year for the Single-A League team. Andrew Fulford picked up the Play of the Year award in a very competitive category which included some outstanding plays by all the Herts teams across the leagues. The play was his game-changing Grand Slam home run in the AA playoff quarter final at the Guildford Mavericks. Fulford also received the Herts Hawks Home Run Champion.

...and the Nob-Out Award goes to...the whole Herts Hawks team

For the first time in the club’s history, the dreaded Nob-Out award went to a team rather than an individual. The whole Herts Hawks team was the recipient for their extravagant celebration in their good win against the Daws Hill Spitfires invading the field only to find that there is one more inning left to be played.

In the youth leagues, Zack Longboy received the best pitcher award and was voted as the Herts U17 MVP. Liam Green is now 17 so 2012 was his last season in the youth leagues which he marked by collecting the Home Run Champion and Most Stolen Bases awards. Jake Caress and Kyle Lloyd-Jones also played their last season in the youth leagues and received the Infield Gold Glove and Batting Champion awards, respectively. Tom Everex-Armstrong collected the Outfield Gold Glove and Warwick Byrne was awarded with the Rookie of the Year trophy after an impressive first season with Herts.

Callum Vangundy’s outstanding performances were recognised with 4 awards, including the MVP, Batting Campion, Home Run Champion and Most Stolen Bases. Tom Jansson-Wright was the Rookie of the Year. Drew Mayhew and Tom Adams received the Infield and Outfield Gold Gloves, respectively. Alec Broadbent who is recovering from an athletics injury this year received the Cy Young trophy. He started to be used as a pitcher late in the season and impressed quickly especially in the pressure postseason games.

In the U11 League, Christian Lynch and Ozan Martin were the stand-out players for the Herts Giants and Herts Dodgers, respectively. They each received the MVP and Batting Champion titles. Oliver Durer’s (Giants) and Thomas Garton’s (Dodgers) hard work was rewarded with the Infield Gold Gloves, while Alex Jones received the Outfield Gold Glove. Alex Trautman and Jonathan Wakelam were the Most Improve Players in the U11 League. Slugger of the Year was Lewis Auchterlounie and Katie Everex-Armstrong received the prestigious Coach’s Award. Noah Lynch and William Morillo are two of the smallest players in the club, but they are also the club’s biggest prospects. They received the Rookie of the Year Awards.

MVP Louis Hare
Batting Champion Louis Hare (Avg.486 15 RBI)
Infield Gold Glove Louis Hare (F% .833)
Outfield Gold Glove Jon Lewys (F% 1.000)
Best Pitcher Nick Russell (5 W 2.18 ERA)
Most Stolen Bases Paul Auchterlounie (9 SB)
Home Run Champion Andrew Fulford (2 HR)
Most RBIs Louis Hare (15 RBI)
Coach’s Award Nic Goetz
MVP Zack Longboy
Batting Champion Gilberto Medina (.608)
Infield Gold Glove Jose Morillo
Outfield Gold Glove John Kjorstad
Best Pitcher Zack Longboy
Most Stolen Bases Ken Pike
Home Run Champion Gilberto Medina (1 HR)
Most RBIs Gilberto Medina
Rookie of the Year Ben Marques
MVP Theo Scheepers
Batting Champion Reagan Wood
Infield Gold Glove Theo Scheepers
Outfield Gold Glove Joseph Osborne-Brade
Best Pitcher Theo Scheepers
Most Stolen Bases Joseph Osborne-Brade
Home Run Champion Adrian Smithers
Most RBIs Duncan Hoyle
Coach’s Award Joseph Osborne-Brade
Play of the Year Andrew Fulford (Grandslam in Playoffs)
Nob-Out Award Herts Hawks Team
MVP Zack Longboy
Batting Champion Kyle Lloyd-Jones (.421)
Infield Gold Glove Jake Caress
Outfield Gold Glove Tom Everex-Armstrong
Rookie of the Year Warwick Byrne
Home Run Champion Liam Green (HR 2)
Most Stolen Bases Liam Green (SB 10)
Cy Young Award Zack Longboy
MVP Callum Vangundy
Batting Champion Callum Vangundy (.526)
Infield Gold Glove Drew Mayhew
Outfield Gold Glove Tom Adams
Rookie of the Year Tom Jansson-Wright
Home Run Champion Callum Vangundy (3 HR)
Most Stolen Bases Callum Vangundy (3 SB)
Cy Young Award Alec Broadbent
MVP Christian Lynch
Batting Champion Christian Lynch
Infield Gold Glove Oliver Durer
Outfield Gold Glove Alex Jones
Rookie of the Year Noah Lynch
Most Improved Player Alex Trautman
Slugger of the Year Lewis Auchterlounie
MVP Ozan Martin
Batting Champion Ozan Martin
Infield Gold Glove Thomas Garton
Rookie of the Year William Morillo
Most Improved Player Jonathan Wakelam
Coaches’ Award Katie Everex-Armstrong