London has a new baseball team

London has a new baseball team

Earlier this evening, at its 22nd Annual General Meeting, Herts Baseball Club unveiled its first London-based team. At a packed venue it was announced that the name of the team will be the Herts Londoners.

In deciding the name, the club opted to retain its established brand name, Herts, symbolising its origins, while at the same time the team’s moniker, Londoners, signifies its new geographic location. Over the years Herts teams have featured a large number of players from North West London, but this new team will welcome not only these existing Herts players, but, more importantly, it aims to give playing opportunities to everyone in North West London who is interested to play baseball but until now has not had a team located near them and has found it difficult to travel to the club’s existing baseball complex in Hemel Hempstead.

This additional club base will give Herts extra flexibility and greater capacity to accommodate players of all levels from complete beginners to players of the highest calibre. The MLB London Series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees will be played on 29 and 30 June, but it is already having a positive effect in attracting new players to the club. The team managers will need to show foresight and leave extra room in their rosters so that they have the capacity to accommodate the surge in demand from new players as we get closer to the London Series.

The Herts Londoners will be wearing the traditional white uniform with the red Herts letters on the chest and the red letter “H” on their black baseball caps. The team’s logo also reflects these established branding features and the Club’s colours of red, white and black.

The 31 January deadline for team entries in the various leagues of the British Baseball Federation (BBF) is fast-approaching. The Club did not reveal at this stage which BBF league tier the Londoners will be entering, but it will announce this on or around the deadline day. After that, the focus will turn to the 2019 Season Opening Day in April and the first ever game in the history of this team.

Stay tuned for our next article which will include all the facts and details of the ballpark in North West London which will be the home of the Herts Londoners.

For more details about how to join any of the Herts adult and youth baseball and softball teams or to try baseball at an upcoming open session, please contact us. You can now follow the Herts Londoners on Twitter.