Herts invites candidates for Manager of its first league team in NW London

Three months remain until the Opening Day of the 2019 BBF baseball league season and the various components for the unveiling of the first NW London-based Herts team are coming together. The Club is now actively looking for a manager of that BBF league team as well as a manager of the Herts youth team in North West London.

There are a total of six positions which the club is looking to fill at the moment and they also include Manager of the Herts Buzzards softball team and Herts U11 baseball Team Manager both of which are based at the club’s ballpark in Hemel Hempstead.

Below is a full list of the vacancies and the links contain additional information about each role.  If you require more details or are interested to put your name forward for any of these roles, please contact us.

Team Manager, Senior BBF Leagues (NW London) (click for details)

Team Manager, Youth Baseball Leagues (NW London) (click for details)

Team Manager, U11 Baseball League (Hemel Hempstead) (click for details)

Team Manager, Softball (Hemel Hempstead) (click for details)

Head Coach, Midweek Evening Baseball (NW London) (click for details)

Game Day and Venue Manager – HSL (click for details)