Herts Baseball Club returned early for training this year.  The official baseball spring training sessions begin on 10 February but the team managers decided that it was important to get players ready and fit for the 2008 season by organizing several conditioning sessions ahead of the baseball-specific preparations. 


From these sessions it has become clear that there are some pretty decent basketball and dodgeball players among the club’s baseball players.  This applies not only to the adult players but to the Little Leaguers who were very keen to get involved alongside the big boys and girls. 


Playing other work-intensive sports such as basketball is proving to be a lot of fun.  Players are also benefiting from some more specific drills set by the club’s fitness guru, Dan Kerry.  The first one or two weeks after the long winter break are always demanding on the body, but players will definitely feel the difference when they start to notice that everything seems physically easier this year then in previous years and that the number of injuries has reduced significantly.


One thing is for sure, having seen the kind of effort that the players are putting in, the players mean business and the rest of the league better be prepared for the Herts teams.


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