Herts Harriers confirmed as the club’s U17 team name. Only U14 team name remains to be decided

The poll closed a few minutes ago and Herts Baseball Club can officially confirm that the name of the Herts U17 league team is Herts Harriers.

The Harriers proved to be the most popular name according to Herts baseball fans with 39.40% of the vote. A wave of votes in the last few hours of voting pushed the Harriers beyond the reach of any of the other challengers.

Herts U17 Team Name Poll Result

Herts Harriers 39.40%
Herts Red Wings 21.20%
Herts Cardinals
Herts Griffins 6.10%
Herts Kestrels 6.10%
Herts Ospreys 6.10%
Herts Red Kites 6.10%
Herts Crows 0.00%
Herts Loons 0.00%
Herts Red Deers 0.00%
Herts Woodpeckers 0.00%


Fans of the club have been voting intensively over the last few weeks. Just one final poll remains. It will determine the name of the Herts U14 team.

10 team names remain for fans to choose from. This final voting round has just opened (CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE). Voting will end at 23:59 on Monday, 25 February 2013.

The British Baseball Federation is expected to announce the 2013 U17 and U14 league schedule on March 1. Herts will submit the name of the U14 team to the league as soon as the poll closes and in time for the announcement of the BBF Youth League schedule.


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