Herts youngsters enjoy guest appearance by elite coaches

Baseball is back and the Herts adult and youth team players took part in their first training session of 2016.

On Sunday the players from the Herts youth baseball programme had the privilege to be coached by Andrew Fulford. Herts baseball fans know Fulford well from his appearances for the Herts Hawks in 2012 and the Herts Falcons in 2014. After spending his early years in the Citrus Park Little League, Fulford went on to play for the varsity team at Sickles High School and later with Cambridge High School finishing as Florida Sate runners-up in 2009. During his career he has played under former MLB players Jody Reed, who played as second basemen for the Boston Red Sox, and Sam Marsonek who was a pitcher with the New York Yankees.

If that wasn’t enough, there were two more special guest coach appearances by Herts Hawks infielder Jamie Lang and legendary Herts Falcons shortstop, Geoff Hare, who these days is one of the top umpires in the British Leagues.

The Herts youngsters enjoyed the session and if some of the coaches’ experience and knowledge of the game can rub-off on the next generation of Herts players, it would add enormous value to the players’ development and the club as a whole.

The next session for the Herts youth team players aged 8 to 14 is this Saturday, February 13. Contact us for more details.